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At Pattis Hire Service we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create the ultimate party. We can help with function hire, event hire, marquee hire and stage hire.
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4 Ways to Impress Staff and Clients

In the fiercely competitive world in which we live, business owners and managers are realising that they need to find ways to impress their staff and clients, just as much as they expect their staff and clients to impress them. Employees, in particular, need to be kept motivated and have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and progressive environment, while clients similarly need to know that their association is with a company that is innovative and committed to excellence.

Essentially, there are many good ways for organisations to impress their staff and clients. Here we look at four of these:

1:  Outstanding corporate events

If you want your clients and employees to be impressed by your organisation and recognise value in being associated with a company that is not only committed to success but also cares about its people, delivering a fabulous corporate event can be a great way to achieve this aim.

By enlisting the professional services of an event hire company, you can feel confident that you are increasing the likelihood of your event being outstanding. Party hire and event hire specialists have the skills, knowledge, experience and of course the products that are necessary to make your event an overwhelming success. There really is an incredible range of equipment that party hire companies can assist you with – marquee hire, table and chair hire, decorations, glassware, cutlery, crockery, audiovisual equipment and interesting artwork are just some of the products that can help to set the scene and increase the appeal and effect of your event.

There is also great benefit in using party hire professionals because they will be able to advise you on the best types of products for your event and the special items that will make your event as successful as possible. Also, event hire professionals will provide an incredibly important source of assistance on the day of your event – they will deliver, set up and pack away the products that you hire. This really can make a huge difference as you are getting organised as well as at the end of your event.

2:  Launch, reveal or affirm strategic directions and priorities

In so many organisations, transparency is pivotal to success. It is completely understandable that staff and clients want to know the strategic directions and priorities of the organisation – this helps them to better understand the significance of their role and contributions and very often illuminates new possibilities.

Being upfront and sharing the strategic directions, objectives and priorities of your organisation is a highly significant way to impress employees and clients. In fact, you are bound to be impressed by the extent to which staff and clients appreciate insight into this information, particularly when their feedback is genuinely welcomed.

3:  Showcase your commitment to quality and high standards

If you want to impress your clients and staff and have them convinced that yours is an organisation with whom they want to work or be aligned, you must exemplify a commitment to quality and the highest of standards. If you offer only a lack lustre approach, can you really expect excellence from employees and clients?

A high quality event is just one such way to convincingly impress your staff and clients as, when done well, it provides the perfect opportunity to show your organisation’s commitment and adherence to excellence and the highest of standards.

4:  Show that you care about staff and clients

Staff and clients are typically impressed when they feel that the organisation values and cares for them. There are many ways to extend this sentiment to staff and clients, including the occasion of a special event. To achieve maximum benefit and effect, it is infinitely important that the people you are striving to impress perceive your efforts as sincere and genuine.

Impressing staff and clients has become an increasingly important role for businesses of all types, sizes and purposes. While there is a variety of ways to achieve this end, staff and clients tend to be impressed by organisations being as transparent as possible in terms of strategic directions and priorities and evidence of excellence and attention to detail – which can be quite often expressed through quality corporate events.