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At Pattis Hire Service we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create the ultimate party. We can help with function hire, event hire, marquee hire and stage hire.
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Business Tips

4 Ways to Impress Staff and Clients

In the fiercely competitive world in which we live, business owners and managers are realising that they need to find ways to impress their staff and clients, just as much as they expect their staff and clients to impress them. Employees, in particular, need to be kept motivated and have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and progressive environment, while clients similarly need to know that their association is with a company that is innovative and committed to excellence.

Essentially, there are many good ways for organisations to impress their staff and clients. Here we look at four of these:

1:  Outstanding corporate events

If you want your clients and employees to be impressed by your organisation and recognise value in being associated with a company that is not only committed to success but also cares about its people, delivering a fabulous corporate event can be a great way to achieve this aim.

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How to Start a New Year with Positivity and Inspiration

The beginning of a new year always provides a fresh start. Having enjoyed holidays of varying types and lengths, people tend to return to work refreshed and enthused and ready to face the challenges and tasks that it will bring. In light of this, starting a new year with positivity and inspiration is very important – all business should capitalise on their clients and employees being refreshed and motivated to begin the new year with positivity, keen anticipation and renewed dedication.

Set the tone for the year…

As a new year begins, it is infinitely helpful to begin in the way that you intend to carry on. If you are committed to a productive and successful year, then this is the essence that you need to convey from January 1st.

There is no better way to welcome staff back and renew your relationship with clients than to deliver a fabulous corporate event. By inviting the people that matter most to your business to a high quality and thoughtfully planned event, you will demonstrate that the organisation is committed to excellence and engender the enthusiasm and confidence of key people.

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3 of the Best Ways to Promote Your Business

In a fiercely competitive world where businesses vie for market share and customer loyalty, finding innovative and successful ways to promote your business is particularly important. Of course, different businesses institute different ways to promote themselves and these promotional strategies enjoy varied levels of success.

Ultimately, smart and savvy business owners recognise the need to use effective and reliable ways to promote their organisation. Corporate events with a focus on promotion have the potential to raise the profile of your business and brand, introduce new customers and consolidate your relationship with existing customers as well as educate your audience about what you do and the directions in which you are moving.

Given that events can be a great way to promote your business, what are some of the features that are necessary for ensuring that they fulfil their objectives?

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4 Tips for Planning an Event to Promote Your Business

In terms of your business’ public relations, hosting an event is one of the best and most lucrative ways to promote your organisation. Of course, quality events require thorough and attentive preparation and attention to detail. Thankfully, event hire specialists can assist you to thoughtfully and successfully plan a great event.

1:  Choose a great venue

There is no denying that the venue chosen can ‘make or break’ an event. Events held in great locations are often the most memorable and enjoyable and by far the most effective in achieving their particular ends.

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3 Strategic Ways to Improve Your Business

Because the corporate world is so incredibly competitive, every organisation needs to be strategic and proactive in finding ways to improve its operations and thereby increase its profit margin and strengthen relationships with customers. There are many ways for businesses to improve on their current situation, but above all, a clear vision of what you want to achieve and become is essential.

Here we look at three of the most effective strategic ways for a business to improve:

1:  Invest in corporate events

Many organisations testify that to really see results, hosting or contributing to a well-planned and high quality corporate event can make a great deal of difference.

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