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At Pattis Hire Service we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create the ultimate party. We can help with function hire, event hire, marquee hire and stage hire.
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Corporate Events

Setting Up an Outdoor Band Space

When throwing a party, there is nothing better than having a live band to entertain your guests. A live band will change the mood of your party, keep guests entertained and inspire some dancing and frivolity too. A band needs an appropriate place to set up and perform, however, so herein we consider how to set up an outdoor band space.

Creating a Stage

When you are preparing for a band in an outdoor space it is important that there is an even and safe place on which the band can perform. Performing on uneven grass can be hazardous and very few bands will be willing to place their expensive equipment on the lawn either. Opting for stage hire is the best option because this will help add to the atmosphere and will ensure safety too. Stage hire will often also come with dance floor hire, which will help to encourage people to get involved too.

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5 Advantages of Corporate Events

The advantages of beginning a new year with a high quality and successful corporate event are not only many, but very important. Each new year marks the opportunity to improve processes and performance and be more creative and innovative in approach. By bringing people together at a fabulous, high impact event, you create the best conditions for people to feel excited and enthused about the year ahead and increase the likelihood of them feeling loyal to and inspired by your organisation.

However, for some people the thought of commencing a new year with something as significant and influential as a corporate event can be daunting. The good news is that when you invest in the specialised services of a professional event hire company, you can justifiably feel assured that attention will be paid to detail and the overall effect of your invent will indeed be impressive.

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How to Choose a Great Venue for your Corporate Event

The selection of a great venue is critical to the success of every corporate event. In fact, it surprising how much difference a spectacular or comfortable venue of quality can make to your event.

In every city, it is possible to find some amazing corporate event venues, many of which are purpose built and specifically designed to cater for successful events. However, many organisations also realise the value of marquees and therefore organise marquee hire, together with other party hire needs, and hold their event in some beautiful outdoor locations.

So, how do you choose a great venue for a corporate event?

It needs to be memorable…

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3 Things a Great Event Communicates About Your Business

Corporate events are an excellent way to convey and communicate the values, interests, strategic direction and foremost goals and activities of your business. More than people tend to realise, corporate events serve as a billboard for your business – an excellent event can deliver the key messages that you wish to convey to customers, clients and partners and so it pays to invest in their success.

What, specifically does a great event communicate about your business?

1:  You value existing customers

Many business work overtime to draw in new customers. While this is important, it can cost an estimated four to six time more to sell to a new customer than it does to an existing customer. It is essential that you value and look after your existing customers – they should be a priority.

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4 Reasons to Provide Excellent Food at Your Next Event

If you are serious about providing a successful and high quality event that is memorable to your guests and encourages them to work with your organisation, it is imperative that you serve food of an excellent quality. Of all the components that are involved in providing a corporate event, none is more important than the catering offered.

As humans, we care greatly about food. It then follows that the food that we are served at events in our professional lives matters to us just as much. Because food matters so much, working with an event hire specialist company can help your business to choose catering of exceptional quality and deliver an event that is completely impressive and successful.

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How to Make a Lasting Impression on Clients

Experience and evidence shows that the most successful and profitable businesses are so well connected with potential customers that recall of their brand and services or products is almost instant. Having a lasting impression on clients is tremendously important, so much so that no price can be put on its value.

Providing a quality corporate event is one of the best investments a business can make in leaving a lasting impression on clients. The point needs to be emphasised that only professional and high quality corporate events will leave the type of favourable impression that you desire. So it pays to devote attention to detail and seek the services of a reputable event hire specialist company.

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5 Ways a Corporate Event Can Enhance Business

When economic times are tough and a company faces changed or new priorities, a given company may contemplate reducing costs in the area of corporate events and the provision of networking opportunities. Outwardly, it may seem that this is a sensible way to reduce expenses, but if your ultimate goal is increased productivity and the generation of more business, nothing could be further from the truth.

Corporate events, made all the more professional through the services of event hire specialists, have the potential to not only enhance your business, but increase your bottom line, consolidate relationships with existing customers and introduce new customers.

Corporate events are a vital component of your business having a presence and your brand being recognised. Corporate events are also a brilliant way to promote your services and express your commitment to customers.

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8 Benefits of Corporate Events

A number of businesses contemplate hosting a corporate event but question the value that will be added for their organisation. When done well, corporate events provide a range of desirable and potentially profitable benefits; the challenge for many businesses is to ensure that the event is thoroughly organised and delivered in a professional manner.

Great corporate events have the potential to raise morale and improve the economic status of a business and, by accessing the services of a specialist party hire service, much of the stress of the event’s organisation is removed from your business. Working with a professional event hire company means that you can gain the assurance that comes with knowing that some of the most vital details are being seen to on your behalf. When there is so much to do in getting an event together, this comes as a most welcome relief.

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How to Deliver an Impressive Corporate Event

The saying goes that you only get one chance to make a good impression and while this can be applied to many situations in life, it is particularly relevant in the corporate world. Business is competitive and companies need to constantly strive for ways to improve their workforce, build stronger relationships and achieve an edge on their competitors.

Corporate events offer businesses of all sizes, types and purposes a wonderful opportunity to do just this. Such events create a possibility for businesses to increase productivity levels and develop a more cohesive workforce. Many corporate events have successfully used corporate events to build staff morale, introduce new clients to their business and strengthen existing networks while developing new ones.
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Three Features of Great Corporate Events

Increasingly, businesses of all sizes, types and purposes are recognising the value of corporate events. Well organised, high quality corporate events have the potential to increase the productivity and cohesion of your workforce as well as support you to expand your networks and accrue new clients.

In order to deliver a truly effective corporate event, the expertise of specialist event hire companies can prove invaluable. Not only can these companies advise you on the equipment you  will need, they can help you to ensure that all details have been covered and a suitable location chosen.
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