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At Pattis Hire Service we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create the ultimate party. We can help with function hire, event hire, marquee hire and stage hire.
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Event Planning

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Party Location

If you’re hosting an event, of course you want it to be fantastic. Hosting an event can be important for your social life, as well as lots of fun. Often one of the most important factors for hosting a great party is the location. So how do you choose the perfect setting for your outdoor party?

Here are a few things to consider for finding the best outdoor party location:

How many guests will be attending?

The number of guests attending your event will help determine where you will have your party.  Are you planning on inviting a few close friends or making the event one big bash? If your answer was a few close friends, a small and quaint location such as a garden or patio might be the best location. If you choose a beautiful garden, make sure that there is room to seat all of your guests.

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Planning Your Own Charity Fundraiser

Charity fundraisers can take many forms, but there are some key aspects that will run throughout all of them. From promotion to the provision of refreshments and shelter there is a lot to organize in the run up to a charity event. Herein we consider the most important aspects to fulfil before running your fundraiser.

Check the Regulations

Charity fundraisers are under the control of regulations to ensure that everything runs smoothly, safely and appropriately. Before attempting to run a fundraiser it is firstly important to familiarise yourself with the regulations that command your particular state area. Regulations about the use of funds to pay for the fundraiser and health and safety requirements can add complications if you fail to provide accordingly. Likewise, regulations about working with and around children can have a significant impact.

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Planning an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Outdoor weddings are very romantic, beautiful and special, but it’s not as easy to plan them as it may seem. Saying your ‘I dos’ in the great outdoors comes with it’s own set of potential problems and pitfalls that need to be considered throughout the planning process. To make sure the sun shines on your big day, check out some of the following planning tips.

Choose Your Venue Early

The venue is one of the most important aspects of an outdoor wedding, and the one you choose will really set the stage for the big day. Planning and booking your venue early will ensure that you get the venue you want on the day that you want. Consider important things like season, number of guests, budget and other amenities when choosing your location.

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How to Start Out as an Event Planner

All over the world, event planners are highly sought-after for their special skills and abilities. Event planners are responsible for organising various events for organisations like hotels, corporations, theme parks and non-profits, and benefit from having a fast-paced, fun and high-paying career. If you are tired of your monotonous 9-5, or you simply love a dynamic work environment that involves interacting with a lot of different people, then becoming an event planner may just be the path for you. The following are some tips for getting started.

What Type of Event Planner Will You Be?

While there is an endless variety of types of events you could plan, there are two basic types of event planners: generalists and specialists. Specialist planners develop a specific skill set in one field, such as weddings, corporate events or sporting events. Generalists, on the other hand, will plan any type of event. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, of course. For instance, generalist planners benefit from having a wider range of work, but specialists often become renowned for their unique services.

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Essential Items for Outdoor Events

Given the nature of the great outdoors, it is no surprise that on any given day an outdoor event could either become a seamless accomplishment or a stressful ordeal. If you have an outdoor event coming up that you must plan for, and you want the day to go off without a hitch, the following are a few essential items you will need.


Having a “plan B” is a necessity for outdoor events. You will need a contingency shelter plan for any situation that might arise, from the sweltering sun to the pouring rain. Event marquees, portable tents, gazebos and awnings are great features to have available in case guests, DJs and food needs to be protected from the elements. Fancy event tents often have plenty of space for tables and chairs, dance floors, and buffet tables if need be.

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Having a Hassle Free Party Cleanup

Everyone loves a fun party, and there is nothing better than throwing a party at home where you can be comfortable without having to make your way home late at night after the party is over. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why hosting a party at home is a daunting task. For instance, cleaning up the house afterwards isn’t always fun. Remember, however, that a messy post-party home is a sure sign that the party was a huge success! The following steps will help you clean up quickly and put your home back in order after a party.

Step 1: Gather cleaning materials

First, arrange all the cleaning materials you’ll need. This may include rubbish bags, a floor mop, a broom, cleaning cloths and products, and paper towels. Have them all on hand as you move through each stage of cleaning.

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Low Cost Children’s Party Locations

You want your child’s birthday party to be fun, exciting and one they talk about for years, but planning something extravagant could easily eat away at your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of great places you can throw a cheap birthday party that your child will remember. The following are just a few examples of great party locations that will create memorable moments for your child without breaking the bank.

Party at home

The absolute cheapest place to host a birthday party is in your own home, or that of a friend or relative. Although the clean-up can be challenging, and the size of your home may limit the number of guests allowed, it will save you a heap of money.

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Having Backup Plans for an Outdoor Event

Good outdoor event planning should always take into consideration the “what ifs” of any party situation. What if it rains? What if it gets extremely hot? What if it gets cold at night? Planning contingency strategies for making your outdoor party a smashing success no matter what the weather does is extremely important. As with any type of party planning, not paying attention to the details of different scenarios can turn common hurdles into frustrations of epic proportions. The following are some practical tips for creating a backup plan for your outdoor event.

Have an indoor plan

The first thing that should be on your contingency plan to-do list is to determine the potential of moving your party indoors if you need to. Not only that, but you will need to come up with a system of actually physically moving the party indoors, which means moving chairs, tables, decorations, food and anything else you have at your party.

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Adding a Unique Touch to Your Party

People love a good party, but it takes a certain finesse to throw a party that everyone will still remember long after their hangovers are gone. While every party requires the basics (food, drinks, music and good company), throwing a party that is unique requires something else entirely. If you are able to organise a party that is unlike anything anyone has experienced (in a good way, of course), then you will truly establish yourself amongst your friends as the queen or king of good times. If you’re not quite sure how to go about doing that, then read on for some tips.

Pick an interesting theme or mood

Theme parties are both fun to attend and to organise. Start by deciding on an atmosphere or mood for your party. It can be mysterious, magical, rocking, adventurous or anything you can imagine. Decorate your venue according to the mood you want to set and choose the appropriate music, sound effects and lighting to go with it.

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How to Secure Extra Equipment for Your Last Minute Event

Event planning and organising is always stressful, even when you have plenty of time to get everything done. It’s when you don’t have much time, however, that the real fun begins! Planning last-minute events not only takes up all of your time, but your chances of forgetting something or not hiring enough party equipment also increases significantly. That is why so many last minute party planners choose to secure extra equipment for their event, just in case things go a little bit awry. The following are some tips for doing just that, and to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Make a list, check it thrice

Make a list of all the possible things you will need for your event, and even include the smallest details and the most obvious items. Every time you think of something else you need to get done, make sure to add it to your list immediately so that you don’t forget it. Throughout the planning process, look at your list regularly, because you may find that an item that has suddenly become more urgent than it was before. You may also want to make a list of contingencies; for example, will you hire some marquees just in case the weather turns bad during your event?

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