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At Pattis Hire Service we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create the ultimate party. We can help with function hire, event hire, marquee hire and stage hire.
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Special Events

Booking an Outdoor Wedding Location

Booking the venue is one of the first crucial steps in planning a wedding. After all, the setting where you say “I do” to the love of your life is important, not to mention the most expensive aspect of the entire event. Especially if you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding, choosing and booking the right venue is extremely important. To make sure you check all the right boxes, the following tips will help you secure the outdoor venue of your dreams.

Determine a Budget

While it may not be very romantic, the wedding budget is one of the first things that should be worked out before the planning process can get underway. When determining your budget, make sure you’re realistic about how much you can spend on your venue, and commit to sticking to the budget when seeking out the perfect locale. This will also help you shortlist potential venues and streamline the entire planning process.

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How Big Should Your Business Event Be?

One of the major requirements for a business to grow is getting new customers through the door, and many businesses are using event hosting as a way to increase their exposure and show customers what their business offers. These types of events can range from large-scale charity galas to small-scale targeted events like open mic night or customer appreciation night.

Whatever type of event you choose to throw, one of the major planning concerns is figuring out how many people you will invite. The following are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding how big your business event should be.

How much exposure do you need?

Hosting an event is a perfect opportunity for your business to gain exposure, but you should always try to balance how much exposure you actually need with how many people you can afford to have at your party. For example, if you need a lot of exposure then it may be worthwhile using up most of your budget on an event, but if you just need a little bit then you can still put some of your budget towards other things.

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The Biggest Outdoor Concerts in History

When it comes to historic outdoor concerts, some have been so big that attendees in the back are there more to enjoy the light shows, fireworks and fun crowd experience than the musical performance itself. The following are the largest outdoor concert events in history.

Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach, 1994

A New Year’s celebration featuring Rod Stewart attracted the largest concert crowd in history, with 4.2 millions attendees. The beach venue in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was the perfect place for people to lounge under the stars, enjoy hanging out in marquees, or dance the night away while listening to the music play.

Jean Michel Jarre in Moscow, 1997 and in Paris, 1994

The second and third largest outdoor concerts both feature Jean Michel Jarre. The first one, in Moscow, was a celebration of the city’s 850th anniversary and attracted 3.5 million people. Before that, he performed in Paris to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, attracting a crowd of around 2.5 million.

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How to Avoid Overcrowding at Big Events

At the best of times, planning a large event is a challenge. You have to worry about the timing of your party events, planning food and drinks, and generally creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere so that people have a good time. And while most party planners worry a lot about no one showing up to their event, less people even consider the possibility of their event becoming overcrowded. If you’re planning an event and are concerned about a potential lack of space, then read on for some tips.

Hire a bigger venue

If you’re worried about not having enough space at your event, the obvious solution is to hold the event at a larger venue. For example, if you’re organising your wedding and you and your partner both have large immediate families, then you’ll have to bite the bullet and look for a bigger space to accommodate them all.

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Tips for Hiring the Correct Venue

Although there are many facets of planning a successful event, there is nothing more important than your selection of venue.

A permanent venue of marquee hire?

No matter whether you decide on a permanent, fixed venue or opt for marquee hire (making it possible to have your event in a unique, special and perhaps unusual location), a number of tips can be followed to assist you with the selection process and finding the perfect venue.

Why does the venue matter so much?

The venue for your corporate event, wedding, conference, party or other occasion sets the tone for the entire event. You may have a multitude of options from which to choose, but will quickly find that only some are suitable because of the facilities they offer, tone that they set and the atmosphere they create.

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Outdoor Wedding Planning Checklist

There is a lot to like about the prospect of an outdoor wedding – when the weather is perfect, weddings that take place outdoors can be some of the most romantic, gorgeous and memorable that you will ever attend. Those who have planned and had outdoor weddings testify that while they are special and beautiful, much organising needs to occur behind the scenes and prior to the big day.

The great news is that it is possible to follow a checklist that will help to ensure that all areas – from party hire equipment and decorations to food and refreshment provisions – are covered. Here we take a look at some of the most important tips to ensure that your special day is an incredible success:

1:  Ensure your guests are comfortable

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4 Reasons to Celebrate Australia Day

Following the festivities and hype of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the significant occasion of Australia Day is soon upon us. The end of January is a perfect time to celebrate Australia Day as the weather is most often warm and characterised by sunshine and people are generally eager to get together, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

Australia Day is a great occasion for businesses to include on their yearly calendar. Although January 26th is always a public holiday in this country, organisations benefit from identifying and hosting celebrations throughout the year that help to build morale, unite staff and promote a sense of collegiality – Australia Day is one such occasion.

Arrangements for Australia Day celebrations need not be stressful or arduous, as when you enlist the support of event hire professionals, the organisation of your event can become all the more easy and enjoyable. Specialist party hire companies can assist you with needs ranging from marquee hire and audiovisual equipment to barbeques (particularly necessary for Australia Day!) and cooking equipment, heating and cooling devices and all of your lighting and electrical needs. Essentially, these companies can take care of all the items that you need to organise and provide the invaluable help that comes with delivery, set up and packing away of equipment.

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How to Deliver a Memorable Event

A lot of effort typically is invested in event planning and of course it is hoped that your event will be both enjoyed and memorable to attendees. Everyone wants their event to be much more than ordinary – the aim is always to have an event that amazes your attendees – but in order to provide an incredible event, there are a number of things that you need to do.

#1:  Think about your event from the perspective of your guests

One of the most effective ways to deliver an effective event is to imagine yourself as a guest and think about your experiences from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart the event. Think about your expectations…does what you see match your hopes and expectations?
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Ten Tips for Benefits and Charity Events

The only thing that’s better than throwing a great party is organising an event for a worthy cause. A party that has everyone enjoying themselves is the best way to encourage generosity and a positive result for your cause. Set your event theme, get well-decked out with event hire equipment, and don’t forget to promote your event well in advance.
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4 Factors That Make an Event Special

Some people are great at hosting parties. Whenever they put on an event it turns out to be something special. Wouldn’t you like to know their secrets, so that all your events would be just as memorable? Well, the truth is that there aren’t any secrets; it is simply a case of good careful planning. Whether you do all the organising yourself or employ a party hire company to take on some of the burden, your event will be a special one if you focus on the right areas. Our guide looks at some of the most important.
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