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more affordable than you think...
At Pattis Hire Service we are committed to providing you with everything you need to create the ultimate party. We can help with function hire, event hire, marquee hire and stage hire.
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There is a lot to consider when organising an event. From the selection of the site right through to the appropriate structure, entertainment or catering requirement.

PATTI'S HIRE staff make ideal Event Managers, as they are there at the coal face designing and providing the key products and scheduling to fulfill all event requirements. Whether it is a Corporate, Festival, Field Day, 20 or 50,000 guests our staff can deliver what you want on time and within budget, EVERY TIME.
We at Patti's Hire realize the reputation of any company is reflected by its suppliers and partners in any venture that it undertakes, we know that the success of your event depends on how well we perform.

Our equipment is modern and well maintained, we have over 100 staff, cleaning, repairing and preparing equipment for our field staff to erect. We have an ongoing renewal and replacement program in place for all equipment. Our Staff are well trained and experienced professionals. We have vast experience in special events organizing, we can provide equipment for a huge variety of locations and for all types of events.



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Recent Projects

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  • Glebe Island Structure
  • Glebe Island Structure
  • Glebe Island Structure
  • Glebe Island Structure
  • Glebe Island Structure
  • AJC Sydney
  • AJC Sydney
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