Adding Some Sparkle to Your Community Event

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If you are organising a community event and you want the theme to have a more glamorous appeal, why not start by adding a little bit of sparkle to your decorating? The decorations you choose don’t need to be over-the-top or too expensive to have a powerful impact on your guests, and the following examples will help you come up with ideas.

Glamorous event invitations

Kick off your event in style by adding some sparkle straight to your event invitations. This is the easiest way to do so, as you can simply get invitations that are embossed in metallic finishes or that have other sparkly details on them already. If you’re making your own invitations then you can get even more creative by using glitter glue and gem stickers to decorate them.

Twinkling fairy lights

Fairy lights are great to use if you want to add a sense of romance, mystique or a fairy-tale-like atmosphere to the venue. You can either use strings of lights to wrap around pillars and columns, or you can hang them behind drapes or curtains to get a dream-like glowing atmosphere.

Glimmering LED dance floors

If you want to go all out and your event calls for a little fun on the dance floor, then consider getting an LED dance floor. You can get tiles with these tiny embedded lights along with your dance floor hire, and it is a fantastic way to not only add some sparkle, but to encourage people to get up and dance!

Iridescent confetti

For a smaller budget, iridescent confetti is the best way to add instant sparkle to your event. You can get bags of confetti for very cheap at your local dollar store, and sprinkle it on tablecloths and around the venue to help liven the place up.

Sparkling centrepieces

There is plenty you can do if you want sparkling centrepieces, and what you choose will depend largely on the type of event you’re throwing. For instance, for a very classy and special event, you can hire crystal to put on the tables either as vases or candle holders. Similarly, clear globes or hurricane lamps with a candle in the centre are less expensive options for adding sparkle and shine to the dinner table. Ask around at various event hire stores to see if you can get some interesting and sparkly centrepieces.

Pearlised or metallic balloons

Another cost-effective option for adding extra shine to the party is getting pearlised or metallic-coloured balloons filled with helium. You can get even more fancy by placing them all around the room with crystal or glass weights holding them in place.

Flashy gobo

A Gobo, also known as a “Go Between” or “Goes Before Optics”, is a slotted template that, when placed in front of a lighting source, controls the shape of the emitted light. These are fantastic to use for events because they instantly add a look of professionalism and opulence. You can get special ones made up with a specific logo for your event, or you can get ready-made ones with fancy patterns.

There are so many fun and inexpensive ways you can add sparkle and shine to your next community event. Start with a few of these ideas and see where your imagination takes you!

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