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You want your child’s birthday party to be fun, exciting and one they talk about for years, but planning something extravagant could easily eat away at your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of great places you can throw a cheap birthday party that your child will remember. The following are just a few examples of great party locations that will create memorable moments for your child without breaking the bank.

Party at home

The absolute cheapest place to host a birthday party is in your own home, or that of a friend or relative. Although the clean-up can be challenging, and the size of your home may limit the number of guests allowed, it will save you a heap of money.

With the venue taken care of, and extra spending money for party favours, you can then get creative and come up with activities for the kids to do in your yard. For instance, you could hire catering equipment to serve the guests, or part of the fun could be getting the kids to make their own pizzas. You could even host a camp-out and get a big tent rental that the kids can sleep in after they’ve roasted hot dogs over the fire and sung campfire songs.

At the beach or local park

Community parks or beaches make for the perfect cheap location for a birthday party. Most parks have picnic tables with a shelter that are perfect for guests to hang out and eat in comfort, plus you may even find one that has free barbecues for making a picnic lunch. Community parks also have playgrounds, trees and open spaces that are very appealing for kids to run around and play. If you’re having your party at the beach, make sure there are a few adults there to help you keep an eye on the children while they’re swimming.

Your local centres

Your local community centre could make for a fantastic location to host a birthday party, and they generally only charge a small fee. Churches, children’s museums and community halls are also great facilities for a party, and have the added education options with opportunities for discovery and exploration. The local school gymnasium is also a fantastic location that offers space to run and plenty of sporting equipment to keep the kids entertained.

Zoos and aquariums

Community zoos and aquariums can be very inexpensive locations for birthday parties, plus they provide plenty of adventure and learning opportunities for the kids. These types of facilities are generally well set up to for entertaining larger groups of children, so you can sit back and relax as the whole crew is kept amused. You may even be able to get a discounted rate on snacks, food and cake from the facility so you don’t even have to worry about feeding them, either!

Indoor play centres

For really young kids, indoor play centres are fantastic for birthday parties. These centres are most often set up to host large groups, and there are staff members there who can help entertain the kids and keep them safe. There will be a plethora of games, toys and activities to keep the kids occupied, as well as plenty of space for catering and cake eating. This is an especially good backup plan in case the weather outside is poor.

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