Lighting is one of the key features to any function. Grand or simple, modern or old-fashioned, small or large, the choice of lighting hire services determines the dominant ambience at your gathering. We have a wide range of lighting, from pendant lights to fairy lights, so we will be able to create the mood you’re after. Put the host, performer or speaker on the spotlight with podium or stage lighting. Enhance the colour, illumination and security of your venue with floodlights. If you need guidance on assessing and choosing the proper lighting schemes for your event, use our professional party lights hire in Sydney. No matter what the occasion, we have a variety of lighting equipment suitable to your needs and budget. The last thing you want to worry about is lighting. Let Patti’s Hire party experts sort this out for you. Take advantage of our light hire in Sydney and set the perfect atmosphere for any function. Never stress over something you can easily delegate to highly-experienced event managers and staff. If you are unsure which lighting effects are ideal for your party or event, please contact us. You can also stop by our showroom and request to speak with our highly experienced staff to get the right lighting for your event. We at Patti’s Hire love to make your party successful and ultimately stress-free.

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