The Essential Wet Weather Wedding Plan!

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Your wedding day has to be perfect for you and your guests. If you have chosen the perfect outdoor venue, it is essential that you have a plan for rain or other bad weather. A backup option will ensure that the elements can never spoil your perfect day.

It is important that you are as happy, or close at least, with your backup bad weather option as your primary plan. With thought and planning, you can have an equally beautiful and special wedding in the rain as on the most perfect of days.

 Essentials to a wet weather plan

One way to develop a wet weather wedding plan is to hire a separate indoor location that isn’t far from your outdoor venue. An alternative is a wedding marquee that is close by and easily accessible. Always make sure you take into account the effects of possible strong wind on your backup option. Also, you should have travel options for your bridal party so that they don’t show up to your wedding wet and unhappy.

To increase efficiency, your marquee could store your catering equipment, tables and chairs, in the hoped for event that your wedding day turns out to be sunny and beautiful. This way you don’t have to let the marquee hire go to waste. Another plan is to turn the marquee into the location that holds your cake. This will help avoid outdoor elements harming your cake as well.

As the time ticks closer to your special wedding day, the bridal couple should be continuously checking the weather forecast. If a shower is likely, using a wedding marquee may be required. Either way, it is important to be prepared versus having to reschedule or get married in the rain.

Decorating your wedding marquee

Assuming that you chose to have an outdoor wedding for a particular reason, you might be disappointed to have to move inside a tent because of the rain. Fortunately, you can still decorate your marquee similarly to the perfect outdoor location.

When the rain comes down, make sure that your tent doors can be pulled open to allow the fresh aroma of rain to flow throughout the marquee. Ask for flowers and plants to be selectively scattered throughout the marquee, which will maintain the outdoor feeling.  If you are trying to save money, perhaps the flowers from your outdoor location can be quickly moved inside. To keep the outdoor theme, your chairs and tables could be picnic tables, or beautiful logs could line the aisles.

 No worries on your special day

You have enough to worry about on your wedding day. The weather should not be one of them. Choosing a location that allows an indoor or outdoor celebration is the best of both worlds. You want the perfect outdoor wedding, however the forecast and Mother Nature may put obstacles in your way.

Having a wet weather wedding plan mapped out before your wedding day will ensure that your day turns out amazing and goes off without a flaw. It is important to remember that you can bring the outdoors in and still have a wonderful wedding day. The indoor location will not go unused if the weather turns out perfect, because you can store catering equipment, give elderly family and friends a place to sit down out of the sun, or have a location to keep your cake away from the outdoor elements. It is a win-win either way.

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