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The great thing about looking for a retailer or manufacturer of rustic log furniture is there are plenty of sellers out there these days, especially with the age of the world wide web. Since the birth of the internet everyone and there brother seem to have tried to start making and selling all types of rustic furniture online, but what I am sure that they found out is that making log furniture the right way is a hard task to achieve. Now don’t take me the wrong way there are some great builders of this style of furniture and you will notice they are the craftsmen that have been around for a while. So knowing this let me tell you how to make the right decision on choosing your rustic furniture.


Patti’s Hire provides a large range of staging and flooring for hire. Our standard stage heights are 30cm, 60cm and 90cm. Higher stages can be quoted on an individual basis.
Modules come in 1.2m square sections.
Staging is a black or brown timber finish and we can provide carpet on top if required. All staging over 1 metre requires Land Rails and Engineering Certification.
We can also supply your Change Room, Clothes Rack and Mirror.


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